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Building and maintaining your church's website can be a daunting task. As a company whose founders have been deeply involved in church planting and church growth, we understand the challenges and concerns that come with it - especially online. Our mission is to help churches use the Internet to better reach their communities for Christ! Our goal is to provide excellent service at affordable rates and to set new standards for customer service and care.

About Katalyst Solutions

Katalyst Solutions was founded with the ultimate goal of developing web-based software for allowing churches to make better use of the exciting new medium called the Internet. The Internet is one of those revolutionary changes that is and will completely alter the landscape of our world. The Internet is changing our world much in the same way as the printing press, which was so instrumental in bringing the written Word of God to millions of people around the world. We feel that it is vital for churches to take advantage of many of the technological advances that are being used by businesses. But instead of using those technologies for mere money, we want to see them used for the highest of all purposes - the glorification of God and bringing people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!

As the Internet becomes more and more commonplace, people not only expect businesses and organizations to have a website, but often judge the quality of that business or organization by the quality of their website. It is becoming a strategic imperative for churches to have a quality, yet manageable, webpresence. Our goal is to provide the means for churches to have a high quality, professional website that is easy to manage, keep current, and more effectively reach their communities.

About ChurchKatalyst

ChurchKatalyst is a service of Katalyst Solutions, LLC, a web-based software development firm located in Northern Virginia. It is powered by the Joomla Content Management System and offers tremendous flexibility for, not only content management solutions, but many additional features as well such as dynamic calendars, discussion boards, blogging, and much more. We develop additional features for ChurchKatalyst in-house as well as take advantage of many third-party components developed for the system.


Why ChurchKatalyst?

  • Create your website for less
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  • Extend your ministry online
  • Help guests learn about your church
  • Communicate more efficiently with your congregation