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Why ChurchKatalyst?

Having a website for your church or ministry is pretty much a given these days. Find out why ChurchKatalyst should be your solution.

Fantastic Features

One of the great things about ChurchKatalyst is our fantastic set of features.

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Why ChurchKatalyst?

What can it do for me?

Growing your church and reaching your community for Christ is one of the most exciting, and sometimes daunting, challenges that you can undertake. Increasingly, growing and successful churches are recognizing that having a well designed, up-to-date website is essential in that process.

But who has the time to learn complicated web syntax, maintain and update complicated software, and everything else that is involved... That is where ChurchKatalyst comes in.

With ChurchKatalyst, you focus on your message and your content, and we handle all of the complicated systems behind the scenes.

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Work Less... Get More

Automate mundane tasks

ChurchKatalyst helps you to manage your website more effectively in less time than you spend now by automating many of the mundane tasks that have to do for each update. With ChurchKatalyst you can easily and quickly manage tasks such as:

  • update the menu once and automatically have every page use the new menu (without having to reupload the entire site)
  • add an event to the calendar and automatically have it show up in the upcoming events section and then automatically no longer show up once the date has passed
  • add content and "start publishing date" to a future date and have the new content not show up until that specific date. You can even set a "stop publishing date" to a specific date and then the content no longer available to your viewers after that date (but you would still have access to it, of course).

Get more help from volunteers

Maintaining the content can sometimes be a major feat in and of itself. With ChurchKatalyst, you can distribute much of the work for maintaining specific pages to a greater number of volunteers.

Worried about control over the content? Don't. With our workflow management system, you can assign different volunteers different levels of access. For instance, you can allow a certain group of volunteers to add content pages to the system but the pages aren't published until you have reviewed them and given the okay.

Don't worry about software updates

With ChurchKatalyst, we make sure that the software is up-to-date for you. You don't have to worry about keeping track of the latest software patches, storing CDs, buying and installing webpage software for your staff or volunteers. We take that worry off of your hands and let you focus on keeping the content fresh and reaching your community.

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Easily Manage Your Website

Manage your content from anywhere

Do you want to run a quick update from the office, from home, from the coffee shop, or while you are traveling? No problem. All you need is Internet access and a browser and you are ready to go.

Quickly add or update content

With our easy-to-use content editor, you can be up and running in no time. The content editor allows you to type in (or cut-n-paste) text and then format it in a similar fashion to MS Word.

For instance, you can easily make text bold or italicized or underlined by highlighting the text and then click "B" or "U" or "I". You can add bullet lists or links to other websites or pages by highlighting the text, clicking the link button, and then adding the web address of that page. You can also easily add your images or photos to the page as well.

Add your photos or images

Using the Media Manager, you can upload photos and images to your website. Those items are then available for quickly inserting into your content pages. You can also upload documents such as Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations to the system and link to them from your content pages.

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Run Key Statistics Instantly

Get key visitor statistics

Quickly find out what content pages are most viewed by your site visitors. Are they most interested in directions to your church? What you believe? Learning more about your staff or ministries?

ChurchKatalyst tracks each time a content page is viewed and stores the aggregate data for the site. You can then use this information to make sure that those key pages are the most well-developed and up-to-date.

Find out what your visitors search for

Find out what your visitors are searching for on your website. Anytime a visitor uses the internal site search feature, ChurchKatalyst tracks the keyword that was entered and can provide instant online reports back to you. You can see what your visitors are searching for and then decide if you want to add or adjust your content to better meet their needs.

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Choose The Best Plan For You

Get the right option for your church or ministry

ChurchKatalyst offers several different packages to best fit your needs and budget. Each plan offers the core feature set. You can then move to the higher level plans if you need the additional functionality they offer.

CK Lite

CK Lite is a great option to get you started. It offers everything you need to get you off the ground with the ability to create and maintain a dynamic, fresh website for your visitors.

CK Standard

CK Standard is a great option if you need more than the basics. It offers everything you need to get you off the ground with the ability to create and maintain a dynamic, fresh website for your visitors. Plus, you have additional features such as the Online Newsletter and the Photo Gallery.

CK Max

CK Max allows the most flexibility and options of all of our plans. It offers everything you need to get you off the ground with the ability to create and maintain a dynamic, fresh website for your visitors. Plus, you have additional features such as the Discussion Board and Online Events Registration.

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Get Started Quickly and Easily

ChurchKatalyst is one of the easiest programs on the market to learn and use for creating and maintaining your church or ministry website.

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Why ChurchKatalyst?

  • Create your website for less
  • Simplify managing your website
  • Extend your ministry online
  • Help guests learn about your church
  • Communicate more efficiently with your congregation