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Having a website for your church or ministry is pretty much a given these days. Find out why ChurchKatalyst should be your solution.

Fantastic Features

One of the great things about ChurchKatalyst is our fantastic set of features.

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Product Features E-mail

Welcome to an introduction to many of the fabulous features available through ChurchKatalyst. Take a look. We think that you'll be very pleased with what our system can offer your church.

Content Management Features

These Content Management Features are included with each of our plans.

Easy-To-Use Content Editor: Dynamically publish content to your site using a very easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editor. If you can use MS Word, then you can use our system. You type in your text and format the text by highlighting and pressing the desired effect, such as B for Bold or U for Underline. You can also easily insert links to other webpages, insert pictures, and much more through this system.

Media Manager: Using the Media Manager, you can upload your photos, images, and documents (such as PDF files, Word documents, etc.) and then have them available to insert into webpages.

Menu Manager: Dynamically manage your navigation menus. You can add both main menu items as well as sub-menu items.

Dated Content: You can set up your content so that it is not displayed until the date you set. You can also set up your content pages so that they no longer display on the public site after a predetermined date. One example of how this would be useful is if you want to post your Pastor's sermon notes before he preaches the sermon but not make them available until that particular date.

Special Tools

These Special Tools are included with each of our plans.

Dynamic Events Calendar: Provide a multi-view calendar for your site visitors and members. Your site visitors can view the events by day, by year, by month, and even by event category. You can also have your next set of upcoming events automatically show up on each of your web pages.

Newsflash Announcements: This is a great tool for adding multiple text messages to dynamically display on your website. You can set dates for when the text message(s) starts and stops running and the system will automatically create a "Read More" link if you have additional information to be displayed. This is a great tool for announcing an upcoming event, making emergency announcements such as cancellation of services due to bad weather, or even displaying Bible verses that you have selected.

Banner Ad Manager: If you create graphical banner ads and upload them to the system, you can have the system automatically display those images and have them click through to another website or a specific page within your own website. You can even track how many times the banner has been displayed and how many times a visitor has clicked on a specific banner.

Prayer Request Form: Allow your visitors to submit prayer requests. Then, once you approve the prayer request item, you can distribute the prayer request to a preselected prayer chain via email and even display it online for others to access and pray about.

Bible Search: Allow your site visitors to enter a Bible verse and have that verse automatically pulled up on

Poll Manager: The Poll Manager is a great way to interact with your visitors and keep them coming back. With the Poll Manager, you can easily create online, realtime polls which allow people to answer a question and then see the poll results right away.

Verse of the Day: Displays a daily verse from the Bible, listing from This module supports 32 different Bible versions/translations in various languages which the admin can control.

Blogging: This is a great tool for keeping fresh content on your site. A Blog (or weblog) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). Sometimes they may be a diary or may relate to specific topics. This is a great tool for your pastor to communicate with your congregation and the community and keep visitors coming back to your site.

Site Search: Allow your visitors to search your site based on keywords that they enter. This feature will search all of your content pages and provide a list back to your visitor of those pages. Visitors can use this to help them find specific events, sermons on specific topics, specific documents, etc.

Advanced Tools

These Advanced Tools are available with our higher level plans.

Online Newsletter: This is a great timesaver. This feature allows your visitors to self subscribe and unscribe to your newsletter. That greatly reduces your effort in maintaining and updating a large email database. You just create your newsletter online and then send it out to everyone subscribed to the newsletter list.

Online Events Registration: Do you have events that you want people to register for? Then this is the tool for you. Using this tool, people can register for your events online and you can easily manage who is registered and even send out emails to all of the attendees who have registered online.

Discussion Board: This is a great way to build community. You can set up discussions / forums on different topics such as the pastor's sermons, current events, or whatever you dream up!

Photo Gallery: Display photos from your events online. This feature allows you to create categories for different events and then upload photos and include a name for each photo along with a description and keywords. This system automatically creates a thumbnail version of the photo and then presents the photos to your visitor with the ability to scroll through the photos.

Additional Options

eCommerce: This feature allows you to sell items online, such as books, sermon audios, and music from your worship team. If you would like to explore this option, please give us a call and we can help out.


Why ChurchKatalyst?

  • Create your website for less
  • Simplify managing your website
  • Extend your ministry online
  • Help guests learn about your church
  • Communicate more efficiently with your congregation